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The Most Embarrassing Night of Our Lives

After a lavish New Year’s Eve celebration in St. Barth’s, Mark and Natalia, dressed to the nines, made their way back down the dock. Seasoned boaters, they secured their shoes and belongings into a garbage bag to stay dry.

From the inflatable tender he extended his hand to help her board. But even keen balance and years of experience could not save her from slipping on the wet rubber tube. She plunged into the dark, cold water below. Not about to let go, and with very little to retain him, he was pulled in after her.

They surfaced, drenched in defeat, him with a dislocated shoulder and both feeling there had to be a better way.


The Mission of Carbon Craft Was Born

A Tender designed and built around comfort and safety for the most precious cargo you carry; Your loved ones.

Kenneth Pierce and Mark Levey, co-founders of Carbon Craft have been yachting for over 25 years. Unable to find a suitable yacht tender, the two set out to design a craft that would be the ultimate accessory to their yachts and most importantly safe and comfortable for their family and guests.

To make their vision a reality they put together a team of designers and builders, with a cumulative knowledge of the marine industry ranging from America's Cup manufacturing technology to world class yacht design detailing. The group has developed many innovative concepts in pursuit of the perfect tender. Including the clever use of advanced lightweight materials like carbon fiber to optimize space and intelligent concept applications such as the closed cell foam collar that provides protection, spray deflection and flotation in a low profile format.

Their vision of a compact design, focus on outstanding style and quality, has changed the game. Unlike anything seen before, the Carbon Craft 110, 130, 160 and new flagship 180 Yacht Tenders have set a benchmark for the industry. Under Pierce and Levey's guidance, Carbon Craft will continue to innovate and bring exceptional design and quality to the yachting industry.



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